We hope you will include this symposium in your fall 2021 course curriculum. Some possibilities include:
  • The prerecorded talks can be assigned in total, and students can compare and contrast the speakers’ perspectives and approaches. Students can then meet to discuss their impressions and to devise one or more questions to submit here for possible inclusion in the roundtable.
  • Talks of particular relevance to specific course topics can be assigned for viewing in tandem with relevant articles, blog posts, exhibition reviews, websites, videos, and interviews that have been identified by the speakers in the project bibliography. Students can formulate questions for individual speakers about their specific talks. Questions for individual speakers can be submitted here.
We strongly encourage involving students in the roundtable on September 25, 1-3pm by having them devise questions for the panelists. Questions submitted by Monday, September 20 will be shared with the speakers in advance and may be selected for inclusion in the discussion.
Note that the panelists will also share perspectives on careers in museums and curatorial work in medieval art on September 25, 3-4pm. Students with specific questions about the museum and curatorial professions are warmly invited to share them with the panelists in advance of the symposium here.
Please consider organizing an in-person watch party, where your students can gather to attend the roundtable and engage in discussion with one another following the event.